Games to Play At Work/School

Play Hero vs Square Online in Browser
Hero vs Square
Play Soccer Pro In Browser At Work School
Soccer Pro
Play Break the Rock Action Online
Break the Rock
Play Shoot The Duck Retro Nintendo Sega Game Free Online
Shoot the Duck
Play Toilet Roll No Downloads
Toilet Roll
Play Don't Touch The Red In Browser
Don't Touch The Red
Play Flying Ball In Browser
Flying Ball
Play Anti Virus in browser flash
Anti Virus
Play Office Slacking Online At Work or School
Office Slacking
Play Moto X3M Pool Party For Free Online No Downloads
Moto X3M Pool
Bike Racing Popular Online Game
Bike Racing
Play Ninja Run Online Kids Running
Ninja Run
Play Aztec Cubes Treasure Tetris Online Classic Free
Tetris Aztec Cubes Treasure
Play Tetris Twist Online Popular Classic Game
Tetris Twist
Play Control 3 Cars Game Race
Control 3 Cars
Play Stickman Hook No Downloads Action Game
Stickman Hook
Play 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer in Browser HTML5
8 Ball Pool Multiplayer
Play Drunken Duel Free HTML5 Shooter
Drunken Duel
Play PSG Football Freestyle Online Browser No Download
PSG Football Freestyle
Play Minigolf Master Online Browser No Download
Minigolf Master
Play Red and Blue Identity in browser flash
Red and Blue Identity
Play Robot Fight in Browser
Robot Fight
Play Fly Or Die Online in Browser
Fly or Die
Play In Browser
Play Simple Pinball In Browser
Simple Pinball
Play Broken Bridge Car For Free Online No Downloads
Broken Bridge Car
Play USA Map Quiz States Guessing
USA Map Quiz
Play 3 Mice Online in Browser
3 Mice
Play Car vs Police HTML5 Car Racing Game
Car vs Police
Play Dangerous Rescue HTML5 Browser Helicopter Game
Dangerous Rescue
Play Dot Snap: The Battle Free Online Ball Shooting
Dot Snap: The Battle
Play Drift Boss HTML5 Car Racing Game
Drift Boss
Play Dune Surfer HTML5 Browser Surfing Game
Dune Surfer
Play Football Kick HTML5 Browser Soccer Game
Football Kick
Play Hell Trap HTML5 Browser Bug Game
Hell Trap
Play Elevator Breaking No Downloads Action Game
Elevator Breaking
Play 2 Cars Game Race
2 Cars
Play 4 Cars Game Race
4 Cars
Play Airplane Aero craft Flying Online
Airplane Tunnel
Play Aladdin Runner Free Flying Carpet
Aladdin Runner
Play Ball Picker Free Collect Balls
Ball Picker
Play Balls and Bricks Free Brick Shoot Ball
Balls and Bricks
Play Car Runner HTML5 Car Racing Game
Car Runner
Play Boxing Fighter: Super Punch Free No Downloads
Boxing Fighter: Super Punch
Play Battle Tanks Browser No Downloads
Battle Tanks
Play Battleships Armada Online Popular Game
Battleships Armada
Play Javelin Olympics Sports Browser No Download
Javelin Olympics
Play Crossbar Challenge Sports Browser No Download
Crossbar Challenge
Play Rugby Kicks Sports Browser No Download
Rugby Kicks
Play Slalom Ski 3D Online Browser No Download
Slalom Ski
Play ZIG-ZAG Line HTML5 Skill Game
Play Basketball School Online Dunk Simulator Browser No Download
Basketball School
Play The Bowling Club Online Bowl Simulator Browser No Download
The Bowling Club
Play Bench Press The Barbarian Online Browser No Download
Bench Press The Barbarian
Play Basketball Dare Level Pack Online Browser No Download
Basketball Dare Level Pack
Play Baseball Classic Online Browser No Download
Baseball Classic
Play Dangerous Spikes Free Browser
Dangerous Spikes
Play Death Chamber Free Browser
Death Chamber
Play Draw Climber Free Browser
Draw Climber
Play Cube Shift Jelly Free Browser No Downloads
Cube Shift
Play Join and Clash 3D Browser No Downloads
Join and Clash 3D
Play ParKing Online Park Game
Play No Driver Parking Online Park Game
No Driver Parking
Play Flip the Bottle Browser No Downloads
Flip the Bottle
Play Master Checkers Multiplayer in Browser HTML5
Master Checkers Multiplayer
Play Connect 4 Connect the Dots in Browser HTML5
Connect 4 Multiplayer
Play Maze Twist Online Popular Game
Maze Twist
Play Route Digger 2 Online Popular Game
Route Digger 2
Play Fastlaners HTML5 Browser Vehicle Game
Play Police Boat Chase Browser No Downloads
Police Boat Chase
Play Heist Run Browser No Downloads Cop Escape
Heist Run
Play Running Races 3D Browser No Downloads
Running Races 3D
Play Zombie Invasion HTML5 Zombs Browser Game
Zombie Invasion
Play Cowboy vs Martians HTML5 Aliens Browser Game
Cowboy vs Martians
Play BTC Imperium Online Popular Game
BTC Imperium
Play Red Rope Online Popular Game
Red Rope
Play Gem 11 Online Popular Game
Gem 11
Play Find the Dragons Online Popular Game
Find the Dragons
Play Jump Me Online Popular Game
Jump Me
Play Press The Different Shaped Quadrangle Online Popular Game
Press The Different Shaped Quadrangle
Play Killer Assassin Free Hitman
Killer Assassin
Play Happy Glass Online Popular Game
Happy Glass
Play Hurdles Olympic Games Browser No Download
Play Soda Can Knockout Browser No Downloads
Soda Can Knockout
Play Footyzag Soccer European Football Browser No Download
Play Press The Different Shaped Quadrangle Online Popular Game
Press The Different Shaped Quadrangle
Play Crazy Machines Online Popular Game
Crazy Machines
Play Turtle Rescue Online Save Environment Game
Turtle Rescue
Play Connector Online Popular HTML5 Game
Play Hexalau Online Popular HTML5 Game
Play Golf Blast Golf Course No Download
Golf Blast
Play Laddu Champion Browser No Download
Laddu Champion
Play Mr Shooter in Browser HTML5
Mr Shooter
Play Pinball Simulator Pin Ball No Downloads
Pinball Simulator
Play Basket Cannon HTML5 Browser Dunk Game
Basket Cannon

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The Best Free Online Games to Play at Work or in School

Why would we have such a section here? Isn't it against the normal working policies? Well... no. During the years, I've seen countless people play free online games while at work. On one hand this could be an issue, on the other, there are job positions in which they actually let you do it when there's nothing else to be finished work-wise. I, myself have enjoyed a browser game, while trying to clear my mind off the issues at work on a lunch brake.

The games to play at work on are chosen carefully. Those should fit a few criteria.

- Should be easy to quit. Meaning you won't have to pass long levels.

- Are fun and engaging, but you can stop playing at any time (imagine someone comes and you should close the browser, etc)... I don't want you to lose really valuable game progress

- Don't require your sound to be turned on or will be playable by using just a few keys/mouse. You don't want to get attention by going all over the keyboard and the mouse at work, right?

Of course, if your work allows it, go for some more complicated online games, such as MMOS IO Games and FPS'es - Shooting.

Also, check the Card Games and Mahjong as those are perfect to play at work.

Popular At Work Games

Hero vs Square is one of the best online games. Your goal is to help your character (the Hero) cross all holes, by fitting a proper-sized square in them. Simple, easy to play flash online game. Your aim is to get a high score. If you fail, you'll have to start anew, which is perfect for a game to play at work.

Don't Touch The Red is another classic online free game. It's rather popular, but that doesn't make it easy. Choose from 4 different modes and be swift enough, not to touch the red tiles. Could be played both with mouse or keyboard, so you can pretend to be working or studying the way you usually do it ;)

Fan of the classic arcade shooters? Anti Virus is the closest thing in this section. Your popular online game, with a touch of modern-day-issues. Attack the viruses, or more like... defend yourself from the viruses with your spaceship. Another good arcade to try is Shoot the Duck.

In Soccer Pro you'll have to tackle your opponents while moving through the field. I know this flash game doesn't have the best graphics, but it's a perfectly simple sports game to play online.

Office Slacking this controversial headline leaves no room for error. What could be worse than slacking at the office, by playing Office Slacking? Try and see if this online game will fit your "working style"

When it comes to games that are played at work, I just can't miss the Card and Mahjong games. Among the best online card games are Solitaire Classic and Spider Solitaire. If you're up for something more modern, then try Uno Online. And, if you want to try a multiplayer browser card game, then Rummy is the place to visit.

With the free online Mahjong games, check Mahjong Classic or have relaxing-fun time with Mahjong Gardens.