Educational Games

Math Tank in Browser Game
Math Tank
Play Cool Math Online Popular Game
Cool Math
Play Car Logos Quiz in browser best Quiz
Car Logo Quiz
Play Wordie Popular Educational Game
Play True or False in Browser
True or False
Play Trivia King Online Multiplayer
Trivia King Online
Play Scatty Maps Europe Online Popular Game
Scatty Maps Europe
Play 4x4 Insects Free Maze In Browser
4x4 Insects
Play Steampunk Genius Online Free Construction
SteamPunk Genius
Play Little Alchemy In Browser Learning
Little Alchemy
Play English Grammar Test Online Free
English Grammar Quiz
Play USA Map Quiz States Guessing
USA Map Quiz
Play Zoo Trivia Kids Animals Spelling
ZOO Trivia
Play Fruits Equation Algebra Math Online Free Game
Fruits Equation
Play Word Holiday Cross word
Word Holiday
Play Happy Glass Online Popular Game
Happy Glass
Play Password Crack Quiz Game
Password Crack
Play Sort Hoop Online Popular Game
Sort Hoop

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The Best Free Educational Games

Online gaming is not all about just playing and having fun. Believe it or not, education plays a big role when it comes to browser games for kids. And not only for the little ones... no matter how big you are, thre are games that will not only challenge you, but also train your mind in different ways. Games, such as Classic 2048 Puzzle and Mahjong Classic can help you strengthen your focus and logical thinking

Those games, however, won't be the focus of this section. Here you will be able to find the best flash and HTML5 based educational games available. No downloads required, all you need is an internet connection.

Popular Educational Games

There are different types of educational games to be played online. The focus would mostly be pointed(but not only) towards online math learning games and English learning games, that require no download.

When it comes to free kids games that will help your child practice and learn mathematics, two of the best games for browsers are Math Tank and Cool Math.

Math Tank is an HTML5 game, that is a perfect mix of learning and having fun. The goal of the player is to pass all mines safely. To do so, however, this online game will require the player to solve some math problems. Go over the right-answer-mine and you'll be fine.

Cool Math is a bit more standard math game. Your goal here is to find the missing mathematical signs or figures in order to complete the equations. Still one of the best games for browsers that will help you or your kid learn.

On the English and words section, there are a few games to be played without downloading, which are worth mentioning. Wordie is a game that will help you train your spelling skills. Truth to be told, I, myself, learned a couple of new words immediately after I started playing this browser game. I'd say it's one of the best learning games, exactly because of that.

What a better way to challenge yourself than entering some competition, right? Trivia King Online is a free online trivia game that allows you to play both in single and multiplayer modes. Questions vary a lot - from Geography, trough common everyday knowledge, to Movie and Reality questions. Each round has 10 questions and the person who knows the most, wins.

Now that I've mentioned Geography, there are a few games playable online, that will teach you that. Scatty Maps Europe is a fantastic example. Your goal is to place the European countries on their exact spots on the map. Sounds easy... but trust me, this HTML5 educational game could be quite the challenge.

Of course, you don't have to only learn classes that are thought in school... Because of that, we have some free online games that are a bit more niche, such as Car Logos Quiz.

Play Educational Games here, and if you find a game that's worth having on the website... do not hesitate to let me know! I'll be putting more effort to expand this section, as I understand how important it is for the little ones to have the best online games to play, which will also teach them a thing or two.

Steampunk Genius is one of the best educational games out there. You get to build all kinds of things - vehicles, air planes, buildings, you name it. This browser game will also give you the ability to add specific controls, so you can use your creation exactly as intended. A must try online game!

Little Alchemy is another fantastic headline in the Educational Games department. There are hundreds of materials you can build in it, making it a perfect information source... or just a practice place for you or your kid.

Whether you want to just test your English grammar or have a decent challenge, English Grammar Quiz is the answer. What a better way to enjoy learning English than with a game?

The USA Map Quiz or USA Map Challenge as it's also known is one of the trickiest games you can play. It's a tough challenge, but perhaps one of the easiest ways to learn where which state in the US is. Find it here - USA Map Quiz.

For the fans of crosswords, here's one for you - Word Holiday. An interactive online crossword that will start from the easiest level and go all the way up to much harder ones.