Logical Games

Play 2048 Cards Online Popular Game
2048 Cards
Play 2048 Logical Puzzle
Classic 2048
Play Escape Mystery Room in browser online
Escape Mystery Room
Play Futoshiki Popular Logical Game
Hangman Challenge in Browser Game
Hangman Challenge
Play Patterns Link Online for Free
Patterns Link
Play Roll This Ball Online Popular Game
Roll this Ball
Play Super Plumber Online
Super Plumber
Play Mahjong Gardens Online Best Game
Mahjong Gardens
Play Tetris Twist Online Popular Classic Game
Tetris Twist
Play Cut the Rope Original
Cut the Rope
Play Cut The Rope 2 Original Free Online Popular Game
Cut the Rope 2
Play Cut the Rope Time Travel Free Online Popular Game
Cut the Rope Time Travel
Play Mahjong Classic Free Online
Mahjong Classic
Play Mahjong Deluxe Online
Mahjong Deluxe
Play Rummy Online Multiplayer Card Game
Play Domino Block Online Multiplayer
Domino Blocks
Play Backgammon Free Online Multiplayer
Backgammon PvP
Play Battleship War Online Free Multiplayer Game
Battleship War
Play Freecell Solitaire Online Free
Freecell Solitaire
Play Solitaire Classic Online Free Best Card Game
Solitaire Classic
Play Tic Tac Toe Multiplayer in Browser HTML5
Tic Tac Toe Multiplayer
Play Master Chess Multiplayer in Browser HTML5
Master Chess Multiplayer
Play Steampunk Genius Online Free Construction
SteamPunk Genius
Play Grindcraft Remasterd Free Browser Game
Grindcraft Remastered
Play USA Map Quiz States Guessing
USA Map Quiz
Play English Grammar Test Online Free
English Grammar Quiz
Play Battleships Armada Online Popular Game
Battleships Armada
Play Master Checkers Multiplayer in Browser HTML5
Master Checkers Multiplayer
Play Connect 4 Connect the Dots in Browser HTML5
Connect 4 Multiplayer
Play Word Holiday States Guessing
Word Holiday
Play Ferrari F8 Tributo Puzzle Online Popular Game
Ferrari F8 Tributo Puzzle
Play Speed Cars Jigsaw Online Popular Game
Speed Cars Jigsaw
Play Maze Twist Online Popular Game
Maze Twist
Play Route Digger 2 Online Popular Game
Route Digger 2
Play BTC Imperium Online Popular Game
BTC Imperium
Play Red Rope Online Popular Game
Red Rope
Play Gem 11 Online Popular Game
Gem 11
Play Find the Dragons Online Popular Game
Find the Dragons
Play Jump Me Online Popular Game
Jump Me
Play Rummikub Online Popular Multiplayer Game
Play Happy Glass Online Popular Game
Happy Glass
Play Press The Different Shaped Quadrangle Online Popular Game
Press The Different Shaped Quadrangle
Play Hexalau Online Popular HTML5 Game
Play Connector Online Popular HTML5 Game
Play Sort Hoop Online Popular Game
Sort Hoop

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Logical Games

Logical games online have been around basically from the beginning of the internet. After all, gaming was mostly based on resolving logical challenges, such as puzzles, mazes and all kinds of riddles. Nowadays there are also escape rooms, quite a few mathematical questions are involved and there is of course... action.

Popular IO Games

Here at Mirkgames.com we have some of the best online Logical games available. Classic 2048 Puzzle is one of the most popular logical games not only throughout the PC space, but also on mobile. In it, you're aiming to achieve a high score, by combining tiles with numerical values 2, 4, 8, 16, 32... etc. In the beginning it all seems easy, but if you don't calculate your moves properly, you'll be stuck in no time. Try it!

The goal in 2048 Cards, is very similar, but totally different. This time it's a combination of a online Solitaire game and classic 2048. Check the game page for full rules and guidelines, but the essence is you have to combine cards in order to get higher numbers.

Escape Mystery Room is an online escape room game. More good news - it's 3D Game, which is always a recipe for a lot of fun. See if you can escape from all the levels.

Futoshiki is just a gem in online logical gaming. It's simple to play and it's as hard as it gets. What more can you want? Select a difficulty level of your choice and get a pen and a paper.. wait, scratch that. The game has it's own "Note mode", so just go and see if you can pass the first level.

Hangman Challenge is your classic Hangman game, but brought online. Some levels are easy and others are hard... anyway, you have 6 attempts to finish the word, or you'll lose in this online game of hangman.

Super Plumber is a popular headline. This is an action-puzzle, where you're up against the clock, while trying to arrange the pipes in such a way that the water will float away and won't flood the place. Be careful to follow the direction on the pipes themselves if you want to win this online game.

Roll This Ball is very similar to Super Plumber, but this time you're not doing it for time. To make it interesting though, there will be useless parts of the puzzle that will get in the way. Trust me!