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Mahjong Classic
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Mahjong Deluxe
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Mahjong Gardens
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Mahjong Big
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Mahjong Connect
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The Best Free Online Mahjong Games

Mahjong or "the tiles game" is a fun and easy way to relax online. Matching by pairs has never been more fun than that, although there have been may online games attempts to make it so. Match all symbols one by one, in order to revel the block beneath them or to simply remove them from the board.

Popular Mahjong Games

I'll start, of course, with the real thing - the Mahjong Classic. In this classic Mahjong version, you can choose the layout and start playing straight away!

Mahjong Deluxe is an online Mahjong game for the brave-hearted. No shuffle or undo options are available in this one! Do you think you've got what it takes?

If you're more into relaxation, rather than a huge challenge, then Mahjong Gardens is a fantastic choice! This Mahjong game is both challenging and relaxing at the same time. Beautiful eastern music, combined with a soothing background choice and effects is the perfect combo for a great gameplay!

Try our Online Card Games or the best IO Games around. Mahjong Big is a huuge online mahjong game, that is (as the name suggests) going to take you a bit more time to complete. I'd love that in a Mahjong game, so will highly recommend!

Mahjong Connect is a different type of Mahjong game. This time you'll have to match tiles by connecting them - meaning they have to be next to each other or nothing has to stand in between the two you want to match. Yes, it's not the regular Mahjong game, but still worth trying!

If you're after a really hard online mahjong game, than Mahjong Impossible is the thing to try. As the name is telling us, it will be extremely difficult to win a game.. unless you are an expert in that field.