Car Mechanic 2020

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Car Mechanic 2020 Walkthrough

Car Mechanic 2020 is a simple 3D simulator. While it's not really complicated, meaning it's quite easy to play. In the upper levels, there's some level of urge-ness, since the you have to perform the tasks faster.

Controls for Car Mechanic 2020:

Movement: Keys W, A, S, D or Arrows

Interaction: Left Mouse Button

How To Play Car Mechanic 2020:

There are essentially four things you can do within the game - paint the car, fix it with a wrench, change the oil, or fix the car using a screw-driver. The goal of Car Mechanic 2020 is to perform the given task within the time frame.

The game has a few levels, which are basically the same, it's just a case of your mechanic being further away from the car on some levels, making it harder to complete it.

The game engine runs smooth and the physics as limited as they may be are just fine.

The good: Easy-to-play. Kind of good 3D graphics. You can kill some time with it.

The bad: Very limited in-play options. There's no real mechanic-like action going on.

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Why is it on

Mostly because it could be played on and off, it's simple and it looks good. For more action, check out Furious Drift


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