Crazy Car Stunts

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Crazy Car Stunts

Crazy Car Stunts is a beautifully engineered HTML5 game. One of the best I've played. You start with a choice of two cars, a bus, a semi-trailer truck, a personnel carrier, a tank and a big foot. All those can be used to perform various stunts across an island, that is full of off-road terrains and ramps. It's all about free-roam. As an added benefit, you can find almost all metrics live, such as fuel consumption, g-forces and many, believe me, MANY more!

Controls for Crazy Car Stunts:

Bike Steering: Keys W, A, S, D or Arrows

Entering/Exiting a vehicle: V

On-foot control: Mouse

How To Play Crazy Car Stunts:

The gameplay is quite easy. Crazy Car Stunts is all about giving you freedom to play. Choose a vehicle of your desire and do as much as you can with it. Since it provides one of the best experiences for an online game that requires no download at all, I urge you to try all vehicles and all ramps.

The good: Brilliant graphics and freedom of play.

The bad: I'd really loved to be able to break my vehicles.

Car, Simulators, Racing, 3D

Why is it on

A great game, that deserves to be amongst the most popular online games! If you want to try something with a bit less freedom go for Parking Training


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