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Furious Drift Walkthrough

Furious Drift 3D is a great HTML5 drift simulator. It's a bit slow to load, but at the end it's all worth it. The graphics are great, actually comparable to a pc-game, which is quite an achievement for a online in-browser game.

Controls for Furious Drift:

Car Steering: Keys W, A, S, D or Arrows

Handbrake: Space

How To Play Furious Drift:

There are a few levels which you can choose from. It all starts at a circuit, where you have to achieve 25000 points of drifting in order to move to the next one. The game is easy, yet, there is some level of complication, as I personally managed to crash quite a few times before I got used to the control of the car. Thumbs up to the creators, as physics engine is just great for an online racing game. It reminds me a lot of the first game of GRID. The second level is on an open-level space, where you have to complete a task for a number of donuts and then continue with "regular" drifting. Another good feature is the ability to change cars and tune the ones you've already bought.

The good: Resembles an actual PC game. The player starts with a Nissan Skyline and has all the advantages of a good car from the beginning.

The bad: A little bit laggy (although one would've expected that with that level of online graphics). The menu could've been a bit more intuitive.

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Because it offers great handling and cool graphics. For something lighter, try Moto X3M


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