Simple Pinball

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Simple Pinball

Simple Pinball is a classic online pinball game. The idea behind it is to stick to the real deal as much as possible - simple graphics, no over-colored schemes. The gameplay also follows the same logic with just three play options and no overcomplicated functions and options. Just like a great HTML5 arcade game should look like!

Controls for Simple Pinball:

Control the Spring Power to get the ball on the board: Space

Left Paddle Control: Left Arrow Key

Right Paddle Control: Right Arrow Key

How To Play Simple Pinball:

Understanding how to play this game online is simple... playing it on the other hand is a whole different deal.

The first thing to do is to get the ball on the board. Once you've done that, you'll have to watch it's every move in order to make sure you are using the right paddle when it comes to it.

As on your classic pinball game, sometimes the ball will go to places, where there's no coming back from. You have a total of three attempts to set a highscore on this popular online game.

Graphics notes: Simple, good.

Gameplay: Smooth

Loading Time: Good

Most suitable for: Suitable for both mobiles and desktop devices.

Similar Mobile apps available both for Android and IOS

The good: It's very easy to understand and resembles a real pinball game a lot.

The bad: A few more mode options would've been appreciated.


Fun(0-10): 7         Graphics(0-10): 9

Physics (0-10): 6         Gameplay (0-10): 7

Total Mirk-O-Meter Score: 29*

*Only games with score higher than 25 qualify to be on Mirkgames


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