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ParkingTraining is a 2D parking simulator game. Definitely not an uncommon thing to see, but it's creators have done a good job with this one. You can maintain relatively good control on the car. Furthermore it's not overly-complicatedly-hard to win a level.

Controls for ParkingTraining:

Car Steering: Keys W, A, S, D or Arrows

How To Play ParkingTraining:

The gameplay is very intuitive. ParkingTraining offers an option to be played both on desktop or mobile for free. The creators have put in controls for both cases. One of the more-interesting features of this HTML5 game is the option to actually change your car. All you have to do is collect coins and go trough a few levels. It's an innovation I definitely appreciate.

The good: Simple to play. Good for both desktop and mobiles.

The bad: The cars control could've been a bit more responsive.

Kids, Simulators, Car

Why is it on

A good browser game, which evolved from the old-school flash games and is now worth spending quite some time on it. If you want to try something more realistic, try Crazy Car Stunts


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