Classic Uno

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Classic Uno

Uno Online is a popular card game to play online. Each player's goal is to get rid of all cards in his hand. It sounds easy, but it really isn't. Wild cars are the thing to look out for, also be sure your opponents won't let their guard down.

Controls for Classic Uno:

Interaction with Game: Left Mouse Button

How To Play Classic Uno:

In the beginning of Online Uno each player is dealt a number of cards. The cards you get can be either numbers of different colors or Wild Cards. We'll get to the wild ones soon.

When the first player starts, he places a card on the board and whoever's turn it is, has to either match this card's color or match it's number. If the player doesn't have the cards to do so, he must take a new card out of the deck.

Every move afterwards follows the same rules - one has to match the color or the number of the card on the board. The colors in this free to play Uno Online are yellow, green, blue and red.

Wild Cards - there are a few of those. The ones that have colors on them, can only be played when matching color or inner symbol with the card on the board. Only the "baddest" wild card, which makes the next player pick 4 cards can be played when you have nothing else to play.

Other wild cards can turn around the direction of playing, can make the next player skip a turn and pick 2 cards or just make the next player skip a turn.

The first one to be able to get rid of all cards wins, however, there is a catch. If you're left with one card only and you forget to press the "1 Card" button, you have to pick a penalty 2 cards.

Overall, the rules of this Online Uno Game are the same as the real deal.

The good: Same as the original game.

The bad: No multiplayer option in this one.

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Uno is one of the best card games out there! Looking for a Spider Solitaire? Try it here: Spider Solitaire


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