Egypt Pyramid Solitaire

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Egypt Pyramid Solitaire

As usual, the point in this Ancient Egypt Pyramid Solitaire is to remove all cards from the deck. In this free online solitaire you'll have to match cards by pairs, that will add to a total number of 13. Read more below

Controls for Egypt Pyramid Solitaire:

Interaction with Game: Left Mouse Button

How To Play Egypt Pyramid Solitaire:

In the beginning you'll have a number of cards laid on the deck and an available stock that has one card open at a time. Also, there will be three joker cards, but we'll get to that later.

You can combine any of the cards that you see on the screen with one another and the final goal is the sum of those two cards to equal 13. A 2 will be 2 points, a 7 will be 7 points.. you get the idea. A Jack is worth 11, Queen 12 and the King is 13 points. That means if you have a King, you can remove it straight away, by just clicking on it.

One more thing about this solitaire online to know is that an Ace is worth 1 point. The part of the jokers in the solitaire game is to substitute any needed card in order to create a combination with another card, which will sum up to 13.

There are a few levels in the game and you're up not only against the cards, but also against the clock.

Good luck playing Ancient Egypt Pyramid Solitaire!

The good: Up against the clock is always a good idea in my mind (:

The bad: No rules explanation in-game. Thankfully, I've taken care of that here.

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