Freecell Solitaire

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Freecell Solitaire

Freecell Solitaire Online is one of the best games to play in browser. It's a mix between a classic Solitaire and a Spider Solitaire. Your objective is as usual to clear the screen of all cards.

Controls for Freecell Solitaire:

Moving Cards: Mouse and hold LMB

How To Play Freecell Solitaire:

Your main goal in Freecell, is to clear all the cards from the board. When you start the game, there are 4 free cells on the left. This is where the game-name comes from. If those cells are empty(free), you can move/drag up to 5 cards in a combination across the screen. Since you can temporarily discard cards of your choice in those cells, if one of them is taken, you will only be able to drag up to 4 cards at once. Respectively, if you have all 4 cells taken, then you'll be able to move just one card at a time.

A combination is considered a column of consecutive cards, of the same suit. A combo can start from a King and end with an Ace. That's usually a rule in online Solitaire games

You clear the cards, by placing them on the right side(each suit has it's own slot) - starting from an Ace and then Deuce, all the way to the King of the given suit.

The good: The game is not as tricky as it seems. I've tried it 10 times, before realizing there's an easy way to complete the Solitaire.

The bad: Doesn't offer you to auto-complete, when you're on the final path of winning.

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The process of understanding how to play is quite the fun. If you're looking for a classic game of Uno, see Uno Classic.


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