Solitaire Classic

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Solitaire Classic

Solitaire Classic Online is a popular online game. The obsession to it started back when Microsoft introduced it with it's Windows 95. Now you can find it in all kinds and forms. The Solitaire game available on is tested and the level of difficulty is higher than normal.

Controls for Solitaire Classic:

Moving Cards: Mouse and hold LMB

How To Play Solitaire Classic:

The goal of Solitaire Classic Online is to move all cards from the screen to their respective waste piles. Each color gets to have it's own waste pile. You must start the pile with an Ace and then move with 2, 3, etc. cards of a matching color. You can't start with anything other than an Ace. Also, you can use the top card of the waste pile if you want to create a combination with it on the main board.

Depending whether you're playing 1 Card Draw Solitaire or 3 Card Draw Solitaire, you'll be able to choose one card from the deck, which can be single(1 Card Draw) or backed up with 2 cards that you can see, but cannot use(3 Card Draw - good for combination planning) to create a combination or move straight into the waste pile

A combination is done by two or more cards of alternating colors. First a black card, then a red one or the opposite - You cannot put black on black or red on red!

There are also cards that are blocked on the board underneath other cards - unblock them by using the card that's on top of them in a combination in another column, or send it straight into the waste pile. When there's an empty column, you can only start using it with a King. No other card will work.

All the actions are done using the mouse cursor. Click on a card and if it can go to the straight pile - it'll do so automatically. Once you're ready to win, the game will also suggest to auto-complete the game for you.

The good: Straight to the point, no unnecessary settings.

The bad: A difficulty selector would've been nice.

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