Aztec Cubes Treasure Tetris

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Aztec Cubes Treasure Tetris

Aztec Cubes Treasure is a simple online cubes game. The goal is to clear as much lines as possible. There is only one mode, so nothing too complicated.

Controls for Aztec Cubes Treasure Tetris:

Block Move Left or Right: Left or Right Arrow keys

Rotate/Invert Block: Arrow Up

Descend Block Faster: Arrow Down

How To Play Aztec Cubes Treasure Tetris:

Your objective in Aztec Cubes Treasure is obvious - clear all the lines. A good and well-known scheme to play a game. Not going into any detailed explanations. Just use the arrow keys to create horizontal lines of block, which will then clear themselves.

The good: Simple gameplay, no additional modes or anything

The bad: No option to control the blocks with a mouse

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Why is it on

Because it's simple and fun. Full stop. Looking to slice some fruit? Try here Fruit Blaster


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