Cut the Rope: Time Travel

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Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Cut the Rope: Time Travel takes the sequence to a whole new level. While the first two parts were a ton of fun, in this one you can tell there are significant improvements straight from the start screen.

Controls for Cut the Rope: Time Travel:

Interaction in-game - Mouse Cursor and Left Mouse Button

How To Play Cut the Rope: Time Travel:

This time the game introduces us to new Om Nom characters. You'll have to go trough 5 levels with each character to complete the game. Good thing is, this stays one of the popular online games that don't underdeliver with their sequences. Amongst the new Om Nom characters, you can find a pirate, an artist, ect.. Controls are the same, so nothing has changed there, but the levels are more demanding. Also, each character will introduce a new type of functionality you need to use to feed the Om Noms their candy :)

The good: Still going up in terms of development.

The bad: Nothing yet.. really!

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