Shoot the Duck

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Shoot the Duck

Shoot the Duck is where it all started. The initial first person shooter game. Here it comes with a remastered graphics, but offering almost the same amount of fun (there's no actual gun to hold like back in the days".

Controls for Shoot the Duck:

Moving your aim across the screen: WASD combo or Arrow Keys

Shoot: Space

How To Play Shoot the Duck:

All you have to do is to shoot at the duck once it's airborne. Follow it around the screen using the keys and when you see it in the middle of your aim, hit the shoot button.

Back then, Duck Hunt was a marvel of it's day, since it introduced a gun, which you could've actually hold in your hand and shoot toward the screen. Right, today there are plenty of devices that work like that, but imagine it all happening 25 years ago... It was a big deal!

Right now the game is all about fun. The aim is to get at least 6 ducks per round with 3 available shot attempts available for each duck. The move you play, the harder the game will get. Be careful, though, shooting the dog will result in a game over! Not bad for a free online game, that's trying to recreate an all time popular classic.

The good: Recreates Duck Hunt (NES) perfectly

The bad: I'd like the option to use my mouse as an aim.

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Why is it on

One of the best classic games out there... couldn't just leave it out. Looking for something more modern, check Zuma Online


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