Tetris Twist

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Tetris Twist

Tetris Twist comes from the creators of Tetris® - and that's a recipe for a successful online game. Entering the modern world, you can still experience the old-school original Tetris game, or choose a more out-of-the-box mode.

Controls for Tetris Twist:

Block Move Left or Right: Left or Right Arrow keys, or Mouse

Invert/Rotate Block: Up Arrow Key | When you are using the mouse, the block will invert/rotate itself

Quickly Drop the Block: Space

Hold the block: Right Mouse Button

Descend the Block with a Faster Rate: Arrow Key Down

How To Play Tetris Twist:

Your goal in Tetris Twist is to clear as much lines as possible. No matter if you're playing the normal mode or the twist one, the gameplay is exactly the same. Create lines of blocks in order to clear them.

In the standard, classic Tetris mode you have to clear as much lines as possible, starting with a clear screen. The game will up one level at every 10th cleared line. The higher the level, the faster the blocks are moving, making it increasingly harder to keep a neat clean screen.

In twist mode, you start off with an objective to clear a number of lines, but this time the screen is already somewhat filled with blocks. You have to find a way to clear as much as possible. Good news here is that the first levels are kinda slow, so there's plenty of time to get used to the new gameplay of this HTML5 version of Tetris.

The good: Great Experience from Tetris, as usual. One of the best games available to play online for free...

The bad: Twist mode isn't really "twisted" per se... Could've been a bit more complicated :)

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