Zuma Online

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Zuma Online

Zuma online is one of the best games to play in browser. The experience from Zuma's Revenge and Zuma Deluxe is not sacrificed in it's flash version. As usual, the goal is to destroy all balls, before they get to Zuma.

Controls for Zuma Online:

Aim - Mouse Cursor

Shoot - Left Mouse Button

How To Play Zuma Online:

The objective of Zuma is to destroy all balls on the field. You need to aim, using the mouse cursor, and send a ball to a ball or stack of balls of matching colors. Whenever you hit a stack, bigger than two balls of the same color, those will be destroyed. Sometimes the balls will give you special bonuses, such as getting the whole stack of balls back.

One thing to remember - act fast, as it seems like the gameplay is slow, but that is usually just an illusion. Things could go south in this free online version of Zuma pretty fast!

The good: The Zuma experience is definitely there!

The bad: The game could be a little faster in the beginning.

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Why is it on Mirkgames.com?

Thanks to my father and his obsession with Zuma! Looking for another classic game? Try Tetris Twist!


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