Trivia King Online

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Trivia King Online

Trivia King Online is a free online multiplayer game in which you can choose between facing a real opponent or a bot. In both cases the game is challenging and fun. You have to answer a number of questions, against the clock. The first one to answer more questions correct wins.

Controls for Trivia King Online:

Interaction with Game: Left Mouse Button

How To Play Trivia King Online:

This online trivia will set you 1v1 either against a bot or against a person(it's up to you really).

Each one of you will be given the same 10 questions

Whoever answers first, gets a bonus point of course. Each question will have 4 possible answers. Sometimes the questions will be easy, other times it'll be quite difficult to answer.

Themes for questions will be basically everything that surrounds us - from history, through modern-day movies, to politics. Answer correctly first to get the advantage in the game.

The good: A great free online trivia game.

The bad: Just one mode, you can't chose a specific theme to play.

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Trivia Online... bring it on!

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