Ancient Fighters

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Ancient Fighters

Ancient Fighters an online fighting game, very similar to Mortal Combat and the Tekken series. It's pure fighting arcade, so your only goal is to put your opponent in a K.O. As every classic ring-fighting game, you can perform some magic(special) moves as well.

Controls for Ancient Fighters:

Move: WASD combo or Arrow Keys combo

Medium Punch: Y

Medium Kick: H

Heavy Punch: U

Heavy Kick: J

How To Play Ancient Fighters:

There are a couple of modes to choose from, but the more interesting part is how to perform the special moves. Read below:

Fireball: Down, Forward, Punch(any)

Dragon Punch: Forward, Down, Forward, Punch(any)

Super Fireball: Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Light Punch

Super Dragon Punch: Down, Forward, Down, forward, Medium Punch

Custom Combo 1:

Light Punch, Light Kick, Medium Kick, Heavy Kick

Custom Combo 2:

Light Punch, Heavy Dragon Punch

Custom Combo 3:

Crouching Light Punch, Crouching Light Kick, Crouching Medium Punch, Crouching Medium Kick, Crouching Heavy Kick

Custom Combo 4:

Crouching Medium Kick, Crouching Heavy Punch, Jump, Medium Kick, Medium Punch,(Land)Crouching Heavy Punch, Super Fireball

The good: An impressive amount of combos available for an in-browser game.

The bad: The characters deserve a bit more background to match their skills.

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