Beat 'em Up Street Fight 2D

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Beat 'em Up Street Fight 2D

Beat 'em Up Street Fight 2D is a classic fighting game. You're just a street thug and your goal is to beat all your enemies on the street. Simple as that!

Controls for Beat 'em Up Street Fight 2D:

Move: WASD combo or Arrow Keys

Kick: X

Block: C

Pick Weapon: Z

Jump: Space

Hit: Z

How To Play Beat 'em Up Street Fight 2D:

With this online fighting game it's all about taking out your enemies. You can do so by just using your body, or you can pick a weapon from one of the broken barrels and defeat the opponents faster. Weapons available are a gun, a bat and a knife. Try practicing the kick in the air - it's quite satisfying to see!

The good: Nice graphics, game engine is known all around.

The bad: No option to customize your character.

Action Games, Shooting Games

Why is it on

Fun and simple to play. For some action with fighting girls, check Woman Wrestling Fight


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