Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse

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Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse

Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse is a street fighting game in which your goal is to clear the streets off those Mad-Max characters. The action in this online fighting game is happening in a post-apocalyptic enviroment.

Controls for Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse:

Move: WASD combo or Arrow Keys combo

Jump: Space

Hit: Z

Kick: X

Block: C

Pick Weapon: Z

How To Play Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse:

In the beginning of Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse you can customize your fighter. Since the action is happening in a world, obviously almost destroyed by something, your clothing is mostly leather and Mad-Max stuff.

The goal of the game is to pass through the campaigns by defeating as much opponents as possible

Each level will be harder than the previous one. At some point, inevitably, you'll have to use a weapon. Those appear once you destroy various items on your way (barrels, boxes, etc.).

Weapons vary, there is a bat, a knife and a gun. Each can be used to destroy a limited number of enemies, before it disappears.

Can also be played in PvP mode with a friend on the same device

The good: Simple gameplay.

The bad: Uses the same game engine as a lot of online fighting games.

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Why is it on

It has cool graphics and decent physics. Want to play virtually the same thing, but with Stickmans instead? Try Stickman Ultimate Street Fighter 3D


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