Woman Wrestling Fight

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Woman Wrestling Fight

Woman Wrestling Fight is an online ring fight game. Obviously, as the name suggests the fights are between women. You goal is to defeat the opponent. As an added bonus, you can use some magical powers.

Controls for Woman Wrestling Fight:

Move: WASD combo or Arrow Keys combo

Choose the type of Attack LMB

How To Play Woman Wrestling Fight:

There are three modes in this fighting game.

Practice Mode - as the name suggests, this is a safe-mode, where you can practice your skills.

Knockout Mode - win every match to win the championship. If you lose just one game, you'll be out and will have to start anew.

Career mode - progress through the game by fighting stronger and stronger opponents as you advance.

The good: Good graphics and game engine.

The bad: Controls for keyboard are limited with no option to use it to perform attacks.

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A good ring fighting online game is always welcome. This one is even better - Ancient Fighters


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