Similar Games to 2 is an action-strategy based game, where you not only have to plan your actions, but to also be swift and agile while doing so. The ultimate goal of the game is to cut as much "paper" as possible and get the biggest percentage out there.

Controls for

Moving around the map: WASD or Arrows, but the best option is just using he Mouse Cursor

How To Play

In this io game, your main target is getting as much land (represented as paper) as possible. To do so, you need to go around the map and cut it piece by piece. By doing so the cut part becomes a part of your land, meaning it will display in your color. Sounds easy, right? Both yes and now. There are other players, which will constantly try to steal some of your paper or even kill you. The easiest way to get someone (or someone to get you) is by cutting their path while they're out of their own paper-land. Be careful though, since one swift move from the opposite side can make you regret playing multiplayer games online.

The good: One of the best io games out there. Easy to play, lot's of action and fun.

The bad: The things you can do are limited to moving around the map, adding a warning action or something that makes you go faster same as other io games, would be good.


Fun(0-10): 9         Graphics(0-10): 8

Physics (0-10): 8         Gameplay (0-10): 9

Total Mirk-O-Meter Score: 34*

*Only games with score higher than 25 qualify to be on Mirkgames


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