Arctic Pong

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Arctic Pong

Arctic Pong is a very simple, yet fun action game for kids. Avoid being eaten and collect as many coins as possible to get the ultimate high score.

Controls for Arctic Pong:

Change Direction: Left Mouse Key

How To Play Arctic Pong:

The goal of Arctic Pong is to collect gold coins while avoiding the passing Polar Bears. It all sounds too simple, but try it and you'll see it's not that easy. A simple click of the LMB is needed to change direction, but the Bears are so unpredictable, that you have to focus all your attention in order to stay alive.

The good: Very simple and a lot of fun!

The bad: Can get frustrating if you can't achieve the desired high score(trust me, I know)

Kids Games, Action Games

Why is it on

It's a good kids game that involves action and can develop some reflex skills. If you feel like something a tad easier, check Go Bowling 2


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