Chaki Sky Jump

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Chaki Sky Jump

Chaki Sky Jump is a non-pretentious online game, designed for kids. The goal is to reach as high as possible with the character, named Chaki.

Controls for Chaki Sky Jump:

Move Left: Left Arrow Key

Move Right: Right Arrow Key

How To Play Chaki Sky Jump:

Gameplay for Chaki Sky Jump is very simple. Since this is a kids game, there are just things to do - move left or right. The jumping is done automatically by the game. Your goal is to land Chaki on the blocks of soil in order to climb higher and get points. One successful landing is one point added to your score. Some of the blocks of land would be moving to make it more interesting. The developers have thought about making it a bit more complicated, by making the Charachter stop jumping at certain times. What you have to do then is to jump down one block and Chaki will start jumping up again.

The good: Free online game for kids that want to have fun.

The bad: It gets boring if you're good at it.

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Why is it on

Simplicity at its best:) If you want to play something more sporty, check Go Bowling 2


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