Extreme Baseball

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Extreme Baseball

Extreme Baseball combines sport with logical thinking. Your goal in the game is to complete all levels, by knocking down the rest of the players.

Controls for Extreme Baseball:

Point target marker: Mouse Cursor

Shoot the ball: LMB

How To Play Extreme Baseball:

The objective is pretty simple. Aim, shoot the ball and knock down your opponents. It's a free online kids game, with a touch of logical thinking needed. Your ball can bounce off walls and other objects, making it even more fun. At some levels there will be exploding objects, to help you achieve your target.

The good: Very simple gameplay still develops logical thinking.

The bad: Can't choose how hard to hit the ball.

Kids Games, Action Games, Sports

Why is it on Mirkgames.com?

Because it's fun and I wanted to keep playing it. If you like more running involved, check Ninja Run


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