Go Bowling 2

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Go Bowling 2

Go Bowling 2 is a free online kids game, that is all about bowling. Your main goal is to score as much points as possible.

Controls for Go Bowling 2:

Choose Power and Angle: Left Mouse Button

How To Play Go Bowling 2:

Playing Go Bowling 2 isn't really hard. There are two things you need to do in-game. First off, choose the right amount of power for the shot. Just wait for the arrow to fill with the wanted power-level and click the LMB to stop at the desired level. The next step is as easy - when you feel like the angle is right, hit that mouse button and the game will do the rest for you.

The good: Fast gameplay, easy to play kids game.

The bad: No opponents :(

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Why is it on Mirkgames.com?

If you'd like your kid(or if you're the kid) to learn the basics of Bowling, that's the game to play. Feeling like some racing? Check this out - Super Blocky Race


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