Jump Kitty

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Jump Kitty

Jump Kitty is a free online kids action game. The purpose is to cover as much ground as possible with your kitty character, while collecting cold coins.

Controls for Jump Kitty:

Jump: Left Mouse Button

How To Play Jump Kitty:

There are two things you should be aware of in this free online kids game. Firstly - don't fall in holes! That will end the game for you and the kitty. Secondly - don't crash or fall on the stingers. The latter are rare to be found, but because of that you simply don't expect them and the game ends there for you.

The good: Simple and fun kids game.

The bad: The stingers aren't easily distinguished from the background, so it's hard to spot sometimes.

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Cool, fun kids game! Looking for something Racier? Look here - Super Blocky Race


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