Ninja Run

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Ninja Run

Ninja Run is a free online kids action game, that is very easy to understand, but not so much to play! You are a ninja and your job is to collect gold coins, while staying away from bombs and dynamite and while trying not to fall down.

Controls for Ninja Run:

Jump: Left Mouse Button

How To Play Ninja Run:

Your goal in Ninja Run is to get all the coins and keep your ninja alive. It's an easy to understand kids game. You should keep away from three things - bombs, dynamite and falling down. It's quite handy to know you can jump twice at a time, meaning you can perform one mid-air jump as well (like a real ninja, eh?). In the upper right corner there's also a button for speeding the game up for those of you, who don't find it challenging enough as it is(I personally found it challenging :) ).

The good: Fast gameplay, easy to understand.

The bad: A bit more action possibilities from the character would've been nice.

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Why is it on

Pure fun! Want to go for something more sporty, check Go Bowling


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