Super Blocky Race

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Super Blocky Race

Super Blocky Race is a great racing game for kids. It's very simple and fun to play. You can choose between a few car, with different characteristics and try to finish the race before the clock runs out.

Controls for Super Blocky Race

Steer the Car: Arrow Keys

Nitrous Boost: LShift

How To Play Super Blocky Race:

The goal in Super Blocky Race is to finish the race within the given time. The main obstacle you'll be facing is going around the rest of the cars on the road and overtaking them. Sometimes the ai cars will even jump in front of you on purpose. Fear not, though, you have some health and you'll be able to survive around 5 crashes according to my estimation. This is a fun racing game, which would be best for kids, but can be played by adults also. The more races you win, the more coins you'll earn, which will eventually allow you to get a better(read: faster) car and finish the races with more time to spare.

The good: Easy to play, good graphics for that kind of game.

The bad: It'd be good to have a bit more speed adjustments available.

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Super Blocky Race mixes fun with simplicity perfectly. If you want to try something a bit more complicated, see Furious Drift


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