Turtle Rescue

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Turtle Rescue

Turtle Rescue is a great online game that will help your kid learn to take responsibility about the environment, as well as have some fun. Your goal is to clean the waters off as much junk as possible, so the turtles and fish can live happily there.

Controls for Turtle Rescue:

Drop your hook: LMB

How To Play Turtle Rescue:

Playing Turtle rescue is rather easy. Wait for the hook to reach the right angle and drop it. It'll go as far as possible and get you the first object that will be in it's way.

Different objects will have different value. Ultimately, in order to pass a level, you'll have to earn a certain amount of game-money, otherwise you'll have to start anew.

Junk will bring the biggest amounts. Some small fish will also benefit your account. Bigger fish and turtles are not a great idea to catch, as they will contribute nothing to your goal.

Turtle rescue also has some add ons, that will help you achieve your targets quicker.

Graphics notes: Good

Gameplay: Smooth

Loading Time: Good

Sound: Good

Most suitable for: This game will work well enough on both mobile and desktop devices

Mobile apps available both for Android and IOS

The good: Fun, easy to play, engaging online game!

The bad: I'd love to see a few more modes.


Fun(0-10): 7         Graphics(0-10): 7

Physics (0-10): 7         Gameplay (0-10): 7

Total Mirk-O-Meter Score: 28*

*Only games with score higher than 25 qualify to be on Mirkgames


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