2048 Cards

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2048 Cards

This game is a great combination between Solitaire and the classic Classic 2048 Puzzle. Reach a high score by using the 4 slots available to put cards in.

Controls for 2048 Cards:

Interaction with Game: Left Mouse Button

How To Play 2048 Cards:

Your goal in this 2048 online is to reach the highest possible scores. There are levels and with each level, the cards become higher and higher.

How does all that work? It's very simple actually. You have a deck that is dealt. You have to move the cards from the deck to one of the four columns. In each column, you can create combos just like in the original 2048 game. That means that 2 + 2 will equal four, 4+4 will equal 16, etc..

It's important to know that you can't move one card to another column, so you have to choose your moves carefully. If you have say a 32 on the top of the column and a 16 just below it and your deck has dealt another 16, when you put the 16 to the existing one, that will create a combo and the card will equal 32 now. Since you had a 32 at the top of the deck (meaning directly below the current newly-formed 32) those two will combine themselves and will become a 64. Cool, right?

The good: I love the mix between the card and the 2048 Online! Will spend some time playing it!

The bad: I think an option to move cards between the columns would've been quite nice for this free logical online game.

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