Classic 2048 Puzzle

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Classic 2048 Puzzle

Your ultimate purpose in this online logical game is to reach the highest possible score by combining tiles. Note, you can combine tiles with the same numerical value (e.g. 2 with 2), you can't combine 2 with 4 or any other combination.

Controls for Classic 2048 Puzzle:

Move All the Tiles in the desired direction: Arrow Keys

How To Play Classic 2048 Puzzle:

The power of exponential growth, right? How quick can you grow a 2 into a 2048? If you still haven't played this popular online game, rest assured it's a lot of fun! It could be quite frustrating as well... If you're not really "calculating" your moves, things can get out of hand pretty quickly!

Use the arrow keys to move all the tiles in a direction. That's how you'll combine the tiles together. Only tiles of same number can be combined and also nothing has to stay in between them. Try to build big numbers for your existing big numbers quickly, otherwise you may end up being stuck quite quickly.

The good: Classic 2048... what's not to love here!

The bad: I'd like to see some more modes (of course keep the original one!)

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