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This is a logical game that can really be tricky. Choose the highest difficulty and if you are able to beat it... then you're super smart!

Controls for Futoshiki:

Interaction with Game: Left Mouse Button

How To Play Futoshiki:

Futoshiki is a great game to play for a number of reasons. It will train your mind and will teach you a thing or two about logical thinking. The goal of the game is to fill all the cells with numbers 1-5. Simple, right? Well.. not quite!

There are two rules you have to follow. First: One number can only occur once on a row or a column. Second: There are inequalities signs on the board, which you have to obey. Third: There are pre-filled cells, which you can't really amend. Not so easy now, right? :)

Usually one would play this game with a piece of paper and a pen, but the developers have thought of that and created a "Note" mode. Just double click on a cell with a filled number or just one click on an emptly selected cell will bring out the Notes Mode where you can leave numbers as notes for possible digits to go there. The "C" button is your delete one, just as in a calculator. A great online logical game, which one can definitely spend hours on!

The good: I really like two things - the difficulty selector and the Notes Mode!

The bad: It's hard... trust me!

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