Hangman Challenge

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Hangman Challenge

Hangman Challenge is a fun online game, that combines the classic Hangman game with modern-day words. Do you think you can reach level 5?

Controls for Hangman Challenge:

Interaction with Game: Left Mouse Button

How To Play Hangman Challenge:

It's really easy, actually. All you have to use in terms of controls is the mouse and the LMB. The game will present you with a word, that you have to guess. "A Social Network, A Fruit" or something else could be the type of "question.

For your ease you will be seeing the number of letters the word consist of. Choose a letter from the letter board and if it exists in the word it will be filled in its respective place. If not, then the game will draw a part of you, that may eventually lead to your hanging :)

You have 5 attempts to get the word right, the 6th would be your hanging.

The good: Difficulty varies, some words are super easy, some are super hard.

The bad: You can't start from last level of this free to play logical game.

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Why is it on Mirkgames.com?

Hangman is a classic and deserves a spot on Mirkgames.com! Do you want to help a plumber fix the pipes in a logical online HTML5 game? See Super Plumber


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