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Patterns Link

Patterns link is a very simple, yet fun to play game of matching. The good graphics and pattern designs are what make it very soothing and calming. A good logical online game to spare some time on.

Controls for Patterns Link:

Interaction with Game: Left Mouse Button

How To Play Patterns Link:

Your goal here is to remove all tiles on the board by patterns in order to remove them. All you need to do is just to click with the LMB on a tile and then click to it's matching one. The thing to know is that the tiles have to have a direct access between them in order for you to be able to match them.

For example, two tiles next to each other or one above each other can be matched. If the tiles are on the same outer row, but are not touching each other they're again available for matching. In this free online game, when there aren't any tiles in between the two patterns you want to match, even if those two are at the very ends of the screen, you can still do it.

For when you're stuck, just use the "Search" icon, which will serve as a hint. If you happen to reach an unresolvable situation, the game will shuffle all the tiles for you.

The good: It looks good!

The bad: The music is really annoying.

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