Roll This Ball

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Roll This Ball

Help the ball reach it's goal. That's your purpose in this logical online puzzle. Move the tiles in such a way, which will allow the ball to reach it's destination.

Controls for Roll This Ball:

Interaction with Game: Left Mouse Button

How To Play Roll This Ball:

It's very simple - it's a puzzle. The only difference from a normal puzzle is that as the level advance, there will be empty tiles which are there only to be an obstacle. Also there will be useless tiles to confuse you.

All you have to do in this online game is to use the mouse or your finger (for mobile users) to move the puzzle tiles around in such a way, that will create a path for the ball to reach it's destination.

The good: Very simple. A puzzle, yet with some action.

The bad: I'd love to see an option to rotate the tiles.

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Action Puzzle... bring it on!

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