Super Plumber

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Super Plumber

Can you arrange all the pipes in order before the clock runs out? You against the clock in a free online puzzle, where being fast is the only option.

Controls for Super Plumber:

Rotating pipes Left Mouse Button

How To Play Super Plumber:

Your ultimate purpose in this online logical game is to arrange the pipes in such a way that the water can go from point A to point B. If you fail to do so before the clock runs out, the place will flood and you will lose.

It's very easy to interact with the pipes - just click on them and they will rotate. Be especially carefuly when it comes to the direction the water can flow through a pipe. If the arrow on the pipe is not pointing in the right direction, then the water won't flow and you will lose the level.

When advancing through the level it becomes increasingly hard to arrange the pipes on time, so be prepared to hurry.

The good: You're against the clock.

The bad: Moving the pipes from one place to another would've been nice.

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Why is it on

A puzzle against the clock - love it! A great feature for a logical online game.

If you're looking for a more calmer game of the type, check Roll This Ball.


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