Mahjong Big

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Mahjong Big

Mahjong Connect is almost your typical free online Mahjong game, but with a twist. Here you don't just start with a huge tiles board, rather you'll have to make your way through the levels to get there. An added bonus - there are daily challenges.

Controls for Mahjong Big:

Interaction with Game: Left Mouse Button

How To Play Mahjong Big:

If you have ever played Mahjong online, you know that the purpose of the game is to match all tiles with each other and that way you'll remove them from the board. It's not that Mahjong Big is not about that, but this time, you get to choose from different levels of difficulty and there are challenges as well. The game will be good enough to also offer you the "Hint" and "Undo" option, something, that you can't find in Mahjong Deluxe.

The good: Levels, daily challenges...

The bad: Haven't found it, yet :)

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The more online Mahjong games - the better! Up for a simpler version, see Mahjong Classic.


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