Mahjong Classic

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Mahjong Classic

Mahjong Classic is one of the most popular and most fun online games out there. The idea is super simple - match the tiles, but still it has millions of fans worldwide and there are people spending hours doing it.

Controls for Mahjong Classic:

Interaction with Game: Left Mouse Button

How To Play Mahjong Classic:

The objective is clear - match all the tiles in the game with each other, in order to clear the screen. While it all sounds too simple and boring, in fact this free online Mahjong game can be very interesting and entertaining. I have no idea how they've done it, but I can spend hours upon hours playing that thing. Just click on a tile with a symbol, which you want to match to the exact same tile, then click on the desired new one and voila... both of the tiles will disappear.

Sometimes in the game, there will be no more moves possible, so what you need to do is to shuffle the tiles, so you can continue. Thankfully the developers of Mahjong Classic have made that to happen automatically, so you don't have to spend time wondering what to do next. Also, there is an Undo button to help you when needed.

The good: The classic game of Mahjong with the option to choose from different layouts.

The bad: Nothing, really!

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Mahjong is an all time classic, so it'd be a shame not to have it here. Want a different shape Mahjong? Check: Mahjong Gardens


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