Mahjong Connect

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Mahjong Connect

This game is a mix between your classic free online Mahjong game and games, where your purpose is to connect tiles, such as Patterns Link.

Controls for Mahjong Connect:

Interaction with Game: Left Mouse Button

How To Play Mahjong Connect:

If you have ever played Mahjong, than you know it could be a bit tricky. The good news with Classic Online Mahjong is that you can match tiles, which are positioned wherever - one could be at one end of the board and the other on the completely opposite one.

. With Mahjong Connect your tiles have to have a direct access between them in order for you to match them. And that's what makes the game really interesting. Try and see for yourself if that's easier or harder than your normal online Mahjong game.

The good: Not the usual scenario

The bad: May not be good enough for the classic mahjong fans

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Why is it on

If you prefer playing the usual tiles game, check Mahjong Gardens.


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