Battleship War

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Battleship War

Battleship War Multiplayer is an online game of battleships, with a couple of modern innovations which you can choose to use or not. You get 6 ships in your fleet and take turns to try and knock out your opponents fleet.

Controls for Battleship War:

Jump: Left Mouse Button

How To Play Battleship War:

Right from the start, you can choose to play against a computer or a person. The very good news is, you can create a room, where you can play Battleship with your friends online. If you choose just to go for a random match, just click on "Quick Game". You will be quickly matched with an opponent and the interesting part starts. You get 6 ships to place across your board. The smallest one takes only 3 play blocks and the largest takes 10 hits to be destroyed. From here on it's quite straightforward - either you or your opponent takes the first hit. Your ultimate goal is to find and destroy the enemy's fleet.

A couple of innovations to look for (not necessary to use them, though) - For a 100 of your points, you can call in an air-strike, which will fire a few rockets on random, increasing the chance that you hit an enemy ship. Also, there is the "Scan" option, which will cost you 200 points and will reveal a single block where there's a ship.

While it all sounds easy, it's not... 200 points are a lot of points in this game and the air-strikes are not really accurate. Even better - you can choose not to use those in the game, so your classic Battleship War stays the same.

The good: There are plenty of players online, gameplay is fast and good. I particularly like the innovations.

The bad: Nothing really... go ahead and try it! :)


Fun(0-10): 9         Graphics(0-10): 8

Physics (0-10): 8         Gameplay (0-10): 8

Total Mirk-O-Meter Score: 33*

*Only games with score higher than 25 qualify to be on Mirkgames


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