Classic Backgammon Multiplayer

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Classic Backgammon Multiplayer

Classic Backgammon Multiplayer Multiplayer is an online PvP game of backgammon. I really hope the purpose of the game is clear to you, since I'm not really good at it. Still, find a play guide below if needed :)

Controls for Classic Backgammon Multiplayer:

Interaction in-game: Mouse Cursor and Left Mouse Button

How To Play Classic Backgammon Multiplayer:

The gameplay is rather easy - all you need is your mouse. Throwing the dice and moving the pieces is simple and intuitive. Each turn that you get in the game is the opportunity to move counters towards players inner table in accordance to the roll of the two dices. If two different numbers are thrown, then just two moves are allowed - one move for each number of the dice. When there are two identical numbers on the dice, four moves are allowed. Players cannot pass on their moves - all moves possible must be made.

The good: Online multiplayer for free...

The bad: Can't say... I haven't played it live :)


Fun(0-10): 9         Graphics(0-10): 8

Physics (0-10): 8         Gameplay (0-10): 8

Total Mirk-O-Meter Score: 33*

*Only games with score higher than 25 qualify to be on Mirkgames


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