Ultimate Flying Car

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Ultimate Flying Car

Ultimate Flying Car 3D was one of the games marked as highlights when I was putting the site together. In the world of HTML5, this is one of the best free online games to play. Big enough freeroam area, combined with great in-air handling definitely gives it the edge and for that it should be amongst the most popular browser games.

Controls for Ultimate Flying Car:

Car Steering on the ground: Keys W, A, S, D or Arrows

Car Steering in air: Mouse (note you have to lock the cursor, using the "L" button

Stopping in-air: LMB

Handbrake: Space

Switching between flying and driving: "F"

Reset Vehicle: R

Speed Boost: X

How To Play Ultimate Flying Car 3D:

The gameplay could be what you want it to be. Do you want to try and race between the narrow island roads? Or do you prefer off-roading with an Audi A5? Or maybe off-roading with the Hummer you can unlock later in the game? Or is it that you just want to fly freely? Ultimate flying car offers it all. The flying part, especially, is what had me immediately. It reminds me of the flying options in GTA"San Andreas", which is a huge accomplishment for an online game. You start at an island and can perform missions to earn money, which can then get you different cars. There are missions which require you to pick and drop off passengers and there are such, which require you to collect in-air checkpoints, while competing with the clock. And the best part? You don't have to actually accept a mission, so it could all be free roaming. Definitely one of the best online racing games(not really racing, I know :)) I've played. One can tell that flash games have come a long way to turn into HTML5 games and almost into a proper PC ones!

The good: Vast world, a good choice of vehicles and missions and most of all - flying experience!

The bad: Could've tuned the on-the-ground driving experience a little more.

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Why is it on Mirkgames.com?

A flying car? Bring it on! If you want to try something with a tad better actual driving experience, check this out - Furious Drift


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