Ambulance Driver

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Ambulance Driver

Ambulance Driver is a well put-together free online game. You get to be an ambulance driver, who's main objective is to rush to crash-scenes and then rush back to the hospital with the injured person inside the ambulance.

Controls for Ambulance Driver:

Ambulance Steering: Keys W, A, S, D or Arrows

Handbrake: Space

How To Play Ambulance Driver:

The gameplay is pretty straight-forward. Your main purpose is to fit within the time window while saving a person's live. The ambulance is rather stable on the road, so there isn't a racing game feeling in there. It is, however, fast enough, so it doesn't feel boring and slow. Different levels present you with different situations. For example in the first one there is a car crash and in the second it's a bike crash. Ultimately not that different, but still thumbs up for the creators for presenting some diversity in the scenarios.

The good: A good free online game, not too much action and not boring as well.

The bad: I'd definitely go with a bit more agile driving experience.

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Why is it on

Because who doesn't want to drive an ambulance?! For more speed and action, try Ultimate Flying Car


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