Boeing Flight Simulator

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Boeing Flight Simulator

Boeing Flight Simulator 3D is an online game that is definitely worth trying! This free flight simulator offers not just flying experience. It will recreate the whole journey of a pilot. Start with smaller planes and uncover new destinations while obtaining licenses to fly bigger planes.

Controls for Boeing Flight Simulator:

Ascend: W or Up Arrow

Descend: S or Down Arrow

Rudder Left: A or Left Arrow

Rudder Right: D or Right Arrow

Interaction with Landing Gear, Accelerator, etc: LMB

How To Play Boeing Flight Simulator:

Learn how to be a pilot in this free to play online game. No downloads required and yet it's a job well done for the developers. This in browser Boeing Flight Simulator is not all about just flying. You get to experience what a real pilot does.

You'll start off with a few tutorials on how to pilot a plane. Once you've obtained your first license, there will be destinations available for you to fly.

The more you advance, the more destinations will open and you'll have to obtain licenses for bigger planes. The experience is good and for an online game, there are some really impressive features.

The good: A great online flight simulator!

The bad: More cockpit-y experience would've been nice.

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Flying is great... nothing more too say here. Want to fly a car as well? Try Ultimate Flying Car.


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