Bus Parking Simulator

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Bus Parking Simulator

Bus Parking Simulator 3D is a part of a popular online bike game series. It's 2D model is very common when it comes to racing games. In this particular one, there are plenty of levels with different type of difficulty.

Controls for Bus Parking Simulator:

Bike Steering: Keys W, A, S, D or Arrows

Control hint: Use A or D, or respectively left or right arrow keys to tilt the bike in the desired direction and keep your rider alive.

How To Play Bus Parking Simulator:

The gameplay is simple, yet it requires some abilities and swift moves with the tilt buttons. It doesn't really offer the freedom we had once upon a time with Grafity Defied, but still, the game-physics are acceptable. This online racing game distinguishes itself from the rest with the complexity of the levels. You can ride trough a lot of interesting challenges in the different levels. Another very good point would be the good 2D graphics, which are top level in terms of HTML5 games.

The good: Fun to play with good graphics. Would be very interesting for kids and adults.

The bad: Not much freedom is given when it comes to doing stunts with the bike.

Kids, Simulators, Sports

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Because it offers a lot of fun and beautifully engineered levels. For something a bit more realistic, try Crazy Car Stunts


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