Real Garbage Truck

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Real Garbage Truck

Real Garbage Truck 3D online recreates a garbage-man's day of work. Your job is to collect the trash with your dumpster truck and bring it to the dump area.

Controls for Real Garbage Truck:

Accelerate: W or Up Arrow

Brake: S or Down Arrow

Steer Left: A or Left Arrow

Steer Right: D or Right Arrow

Interaction with the game LMB

How To Play Real Garbage Truck:

In this online truck game, you'll have to act quick. One would immediately notice, there is no map, instead there are GPS directions, which are shown by an arrow. Follow it and you'll get to the desired destination in this 3D online sim.

Once you reach the trash container, you have to press a button and the game will do the loading for you. Now your next task is to take it to the dump area.

Very little customizations are possible - just changing the truck's color.

The good: Garbage Truck Simulator Online!

The bad: Truck sound is not adequate, crash physics are practically lacking, the drivers around the city are using two lanes at a time.

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Why is it on

It's a good game nonetheless, besides the areas that can be improved. Want do drive a Bus, see Bus Parking Simulator.


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