Survival Simulator

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Survival Simulator

Survival Simulator 3D is a beautiful online game! One of the best of it's kind that can be played online. Build yourself a shelter (or a house) hunt some animals and take care of staying alive!

Controls for Survival Simulator:

Move: WASD

Inventory Open & Close: Tab

Attack(Shoot): LMB

Aim: RMB

Crouch: C

Run: Left Shift

Interact: E

Rotate: Arrows

Wheel: Right Click

Go trough the options/Weapons: Scroll

Choose a weapon: Numbers 1-6

How To Play Survival Simulator:

This is a fantastic online game! Free to play, but what a gameplay it is... I am truly impressed. You have so much freedom to do whatever you want with your character.

The game has the option to adjust the time of the day, the length of the day as well

Using the tools given to you at the beginning of the game, you can collect Logs, Wood, Metal Fragments, Sticks, Planks, Food and Water. All of those resources are then used for various needs.

You can build a house(shelter) in this online survival sim, by using the amount of resources given to you at the very beginning.

Your character also has an axe, a hammer, a bow, a gun and a shotgun available right from the start, so you can gather more resources. The thing to be aware is your life stats on the bottom-right corner. You can also learn defense and develop your skills while playing. Among the other interesting items in this game are a Sleeping bag, an Anvil, a Storage box, Gun Powder and more...

The good: It's super detailed!

The bad: Interaction with the game is not the most user-friendly, but you'll get used to it.

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Why is it on

It's just fantastic!. Looking for something simpler, check Ambulance Driver.


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